Here are some guidelines on how to use YOTTA Smart Manager.

Project Plan

Prepare your project plan by breaking down the project into Main Tasks and Sub Tasks for each Main Task. Write down all tasks with estimated start and end dates. 

All the task should be in a sequence beginning with first start date task first and last start date task at the end.

Congratulations. Your Plan is ready to load it to YOTTA Smart Manager  

Create Project

Create Project:

To create a new Project click (+) icon on main projects page. Enter the project Name with necessary information and save the project. Location of the project will show in progress report.

Create Main Task:

To create Main Task enter the project by clicking on the project. Once your enter the project Click the (+) icon to create Task.  Enter name of Task. Enter Start and End dates of Task and save the Task.

Create Sub Task:

If the Main Tasks has Sub Tasks then while creating Main Task , click the check box ( ) for Sub Tasks or enter the Main Task and click (+) icon and create Subtask with Start & End dates.  

Progress Update

Update Progress:

Click the Project to update and enter the task/sub task to update. Click The "%" icon and update the current progress. Save the new progress.

Documents Upload

  Documents Upload:

All types of project documents and images (pdf, word, xls, dwg, ppt, jpg, png,) can be uploaded and shared with project team. For proper documents control, different folders are available by default for all projects. Documents search option make it easy to locate files in large database. 

To upload document to a project click the folders icon to go to documents page. Select the folder to upload document. From inside the folder click upload icon () and select the document to upload. Click upload and the document will be saved in project database.

You can upload as many documents as you want and retrieve them whenever required. 

Share Project

Share Project:

You can share your project with your project team. The team must have YOTTA Smart Manager installed in their mobiles and their names must with contacts must be saved in your mobile. 

To share project enter the project and click on hamburger icon on top right. New menu with share icon will open. Click the share icon and contacts list will open. Select the members one by one that you want to share. Assign one of the three options of authority (View, Update, Edit) to each person.

The team member will receive notification and they can use the project according to the authorization assigned to them. 


Chat with Project Team: 

Once the project team is created by  sharing project, chat function is activated. Comments and feedback can be posted instantly.

To chat with project team enter the project, click on hamburger icon () on top right  and chat icon will show in new menu. Click on chat icon () and take full control of the project by instant directions.  

Progress Report

Progress Report:

To create and share progress report in PDF, enter the project, click on hamburger icon () on top right  and send icon ( ) will show in new menu. Click on send icon to open progress report wizard. Enter comments / issues for the report, attach progress images and create the report in PDF. You can share the report via email, chat or any other mode of communication.

Also upload the PDF report to project in reports folder for record.  


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